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Cloud PlayList Editor - Windows or Apple Mac OSX License


Cloud PlayList Editor - Windows or Apple Mac OSX License.

Allows Modification of Multiple JSON Data PlayLists from remote sites using Windows or Apple OSX Hardware Eg. MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with Internet access.

Commercial License is for ONE platform on ONE computer or device only.

Applications include Music Streaming and Online Broadcasting Services.

Multiple Genre Playlists can be modified at any time without interupting user experience.

Individual Playlist Fields include Genre, Artist, Album Title, Song Title, Release Date etc. Album Track Order set by default position at Playlist creation time.

Uses Kinvey REST API Service.
Includes Free Unlimited Cloud Data Storage.
Maximum File Upload/Download Size 5 TByte
Scales to 1,000,000+ users.
Unlimited Playlist Genres.

Integration with local SQL data storage of Playlists. Eg. Oracle MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server etc.

Can also be configured to use Parse REST API and Service.

All prices include GST and local sales tax where applicable.